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SPA AT SANDERLINGSPA AT SANDERLING AllphotographybyBrookeMayoPhotographers SIGNATURE TREATMENTS Island Oasis Embrace the island lifestyle with the true meaning of relaxation. Two serviceproviderswillworkintandemperformingtwoofSanderlings beautifully paired services. Beginning your customized facial with a signature cleanse offers you a unique facial experience deeply rejuvenating release of facial tension as your esthetician customizes every step. Your massage therapist provides a perfectly executed reflexology service. A customized Sanderling facial and reflexology massagewillleaveyourejuvenatedfromheadtotoe. Fiftyminutes190 Signature Massage Brown Sugar Scrub Listening carefully to your concerns your service provider will designtheeighty-minutetreatmenttoyourspecificneeds.Essential oils of tangerine mandarin orange and brown sugar will leave your skin smooth and nourished. Eightyminutes160 Sea of Life Facial With products customized to your individual and unique needs our signature facial pampers and renews the natural health and beauty of your skin. Hydrating emulsions combined with a breathtaking sea shelllymphaticfacialmassagewillleaveyouinastateofbliss. Eightyminutes160 Ocean Serenity Ritual Inhale the air off the coast and enjoy total relaxation. Two therapists workintandeminourhydrotherapyroom. Theritualincludesahydro tub massage facial massage and masque scalp treatment signature oceanseasaltglowandmoisturizingbodywrapScotsHosemassage and Vichy rain shower. Enjoy deep relaxation using water one of the fourvitalenergyforces. Eightyminutes320 MASSAGE Aromatherapy Massage Deeply delight the senses and return balance to the mind body andsoul.Enjoyapersonalizedsensoryjourneyasyouchoosethe best organic and botanically based aromatherapy oils that will addressyourindividualneeds. Fifty minutes 125sEighty minutes 175 Relaxation Massage Swedishmassagetechniquesareincorporatedinthiscustomized massage to deliver relaxation of the mind and body while improving circulation and relieving muscular stress. A brief consultation prior to your treatment will result in the perfect massageforyou. Fiftyminutes110sEighty minutes160 Deep Tissue Massage Designed to relieve pain improve performance and increase mobility this vigorous and refreshing treatment incorporates sports massage techniques such as stretching friction across musclefibersanddeeppressuretosorepoints. Fiftyminutes120sEighty minutes170 Mother-to-be Massage Designed to give mom relief this massage focuses on reducing tension in the back neck and alleviate aches and pains in the lowerlegsandfeet.Lighttomediumpressureisusedduringthis customizedexperience.2nd and3rd trimesteronly Fiftyminutes110sEightyminutes160 Couples Massage Relax in the company of your loved one dear friend or family member in one our serene couples suites where you both will indulgeinalighttomediumpressuremassagefocusingondeep relaxation and calm. Deep tissue and aromatherapy are not includedbutcanbeadded. Fiftyminutes220sEightyminutes320 Lifesaving Touch Borrowing from the art of reflexology that promotes balance and relieves tension this pressure point massage on specific areasofthefeetwillleaveyoucompletelyrelaxed. Fiftyminutes110 s Eightyminutes160 Shore Soother Head-to-toerelaxationisfusedintothisextremityconcentrated experience. Scalp neck and shoulder massage begins the service as your provider works down the arms and hands to the lowerlegscalvesandfeet.Incorporatingtouchesofreflexology surelywillhaveyoufloatingawaytoparadise. Fiftyminutes110 Soothing Sea Stone Massage This wonderfully warm and nurturing massage uses marble and basalt stones. This treatment relaxes both mind and body by balancing the chakras boosting the immune system and improvingcirculation. Eightyminutes175 Warm Bamboo Massage Tranquility is at the core of this massage service. As warm bamboo is used to soften tight muscles the smooth texture and perfectly heated bamboo relaxes your body and mind. This medium pressure massage is a unique and highly effective techniqueinrestoringmobilitytothebody. Fiftyminutes125sEightyminutes175 Sound-side Gazebo Massage The wide tranquil waters of the Currituck Sound are a serene backdrop to your own quest for calm contentment and renewal inaprivateoutdoorsound-sidegazebo. Relaxation- Fiftyminutes115sEightyminutes165 DeepTissue -Fiftyminutes125sEightyminutes185 Aromatherapy-Fiftyminutes130sEightyminutes190 Massage Enhancements Bath Rituals DryBrush20 BrownSugarScrub65 AromatherapySoak1person50 AromatherapySoak2people75 G E N T L E M E N S C A R E JUST FOR MEN Pine Island Journey Designedespeciallyforthegentlemenpineanddeepwoods aroma boast powerful healing and cleansing properties fortifying the immune system while easing tension and muscle aches. Eightyminutes160 Scotch N Water Soak Indulge in a unique water treatment that embraces sensations of varying water pressures and a Scots Hose massage. This therapeutic soak rehydrates the body and ends with an application of our signature lotion. Fiftyminutes125 Executive Sports Massage Designed for the man on the go this therapeutic deep pressure massage focuses on tight muscles and joints to release tension using arnica and eucalyptus to heal your mind and body. Fiftyminutes125sEightyminutes175 Southern Comfort A true gentlemans experience this treatment provides increased vitality and energy while soothing irritation from shaving and moisturizes the skin for long lasting results. Fiftyminutes110 Captains Sole Repair A gentlemens pedicure beginning with a sea soak followed by an invigorating exfoliation and a specialty mask. Nails are trimmed and cleaned followed by a relaxing massage with hot towels. Fiftyminutes70 Gentlemans Haircut Enjoy a tailored haircut designed to your liking with our professional stylist. 35 BODY CARE Sanderling Spa Journey RelaxEnergizeBalance Embark on a truly customized spa journey using the power of century old plants like the rare champagne pear and thermal spring delivering your body a mineral-rich experience tailored to your specific concerns. Whether you choose to RELAX marrying essences of lavender and mint ENERGIZE using stimulating lime and mandarin or BALANCE recharging your body with a perfect blend of cashmere wood you are sure to createanexceptionalspaexperience. Fiftyminutejourney 125 Exfoliation-Cocoon-Hydration Eightyminutejourney180 Exfoliation-Cocoon-ShoreSoother-Hydration Bamboo Bliss An island ritual unlike any other using exceptional ingredients andpurescentsdeeplyblendsintotheskinasawarmingginger grass and bamboo scrub exfoliates. A Hinoki mint soak purifies and boosts immunity a cherry blossom wrap softens and a wild lime infused oil tops off a perfectly executed acupressure massageofthefaceandscalp. Eightyminutes180 Sanderling Sea Cocktail This is a vitamin cocktail for your skin. Indulge with an invigorating exfoliation before you luxuriate with a vitamin body cocktail of A C E that leaves your skin nourished and enriched. Fiftyminutes125 Outer Banks Detox Relax and enjoy this full body exfoliation of coffee lemon and sugar before being enveloped in a mineral-rich lava clay infused with centuries of healing properties. This is followed by a rich emulsion application to leave your skin detoxified and conditioned. Fiftyminutes125 Vacation Rescue A cooling sensational way to find relief following too much fun at the beach Skin is gently purified with a blend of algae yuzu fruit and mimosa flowers while a soothing cocoon covers your body and face to reduce redness and irritation while receiving arelaxingscalpmassage.Acoolingapplicationofoursignature lotiondelicatelyhealstheskin. Fiftyminutes125 Sun Kissed Bronzing Get that healthy sun-kissed look without the drying effects of thesun.Youwillbeexfoliatedtoallowforperfectcoveragewith ourstate-of-the-artselftanner. Fiftyminutes120 Healing Waters Soak in purifying seawater and take in the healing properties of the sea. You are then wrapped in a warm sea algae masque and finallymassagedwithpulsatingjetsofwarmwater. Eightyminutes180 SKIN RESTORATION Signature Sanderling Facial This innovative and power-packed facial is customized to your skins needs protecting your cells DNA with Alpine stem cells thermal spring water and unique massage techniques designed to stimulate skin regeneration and prevent the signs of aging. Theskinisleftrefreshedradiantandyoungerlooking. Fiftyminutes110sEightyminutes160 Revitalizing Oxygen Facial An effective experience delivers encapsulated oxygen directly to the skin cells to activate tired dull and environmentally stressed skin. Instantly feel renewed and protected with pure oxygen and moisture rich energy that will leave you with a smoothrosyglow. Fiftyminutes135 Fancy A Lift Specially designed to improve skins resiliency this facial uses BABOR HSRs innovative complexes to visibly firm tone and lift facial contours. The skin becomes plumper and more firm leavingyouwithayouthfulradiance. Fiftyminutes120 Reversive Facial Turn back time This luxury facial retains and extends skin cell lifespan increasing elasticity and smoothing fine lines. It refines the skins surface by reclaiming dull skin and effectively reversingthesignsofaging. Eightyminutes170 Surge of Radiance Facial Return to nature with this facial to find youthful radiant skin. Featured in American Spa magazine this vegan facial offers infused artic berries to power surge the skin with antioxidants helping increase blood and lymphatic circulation. It delivers a surge of deep hydration to leave skin healthy balanced and rejuvenated. Fiftyminutes120 Purely You Facial A radiant complexion refined pores and perfectly balanced skin are the results of this service. Natural ingredients will remove excess oil without drying the skin and will result in an even clear complexion. Great for teens or combination skin. Fiftyminutes110 Organic Facial This customized organic facial consists of mineral rich thermal watersandorganicallygrownfreshfruitsvegetablesherbsand flowers allowing your skin to be treated with what it needs from natureatitspurestform. Fifty minutes120 Back Balm A deep pore cleansing exfoliation and masque designed for an often neglected area. Leaves your skin feeling glowing and hydrated. Fiftyminutes110 Sun Burst Fluid Facial Give your skin a quick boost with vitamins customized to you. Enjoy a customized cleansing fluid treatment and moisturizer picked perfectly for your skin type to leave you refreshed and ready to go. 25minutes65 Facial Kurs Enhancements Extractions25 SensationalEyeKur20 FluidKur15 CollagenBoosterKur25 AHAPeels25 NAIL CARE Hand Rescue This no-fuss manicure is great for the person on the go. Nails are soaked to soften cuticles and then shaped filed buffed and polished to perfection. Twenty-fiveminutes40 Shellac Manicure Enjoy a manicure that will last Nails are soaked to soften cuticles and then shaped filed buffed and polished with your choiceofShellacPolish. Thirtyminutes50 Sanderling Spa Manicure Your hands deserve this revitalizing treat featuring a mineral exfoliation detoxifying mask and a moisturizing massage with the essence of lemongrass. Your nails are cleaned filed and polished with our signature Vinylux power polish of your choice. Fiftyminutes60 Shellac Soak Off Thirtyminutes15 French Polish 10 Barefoot on the Banks Our signature pedicure features a unique therapeutic jelly soak followed by a mineral exfoliation. A moisturizing mask is applied and feet are placed in warm booties. Once removed feet are massaged with the essence of island lemongrass and draped with hot towels. Toes are polished with our signature Vinylux power polish of your choice. Fiftyminutes75 Ocean Renewal Restore and renew your neglected feet with the ultimate foot treatment. During this service feet are soaked in a therapeutic algae plunge and deeply exfoliated while calluses are focused on with a callus treatment mask and massage. Nails are shaped andpolishedwithoursignatureVinyluxpowerpolish. Fiftyminutes75 Sanderling Stone Pedicure Our most luxurious pedicure. Feet are soaked in a therapeutic jelly followed by a callus-removing gel and warm booties. Feet are exfoliated nails are trimmed and filed followed by a moisturizing mask and a paraffin treatment. Feet are massaged using hot stones and reflexology techniques making this a spa experiencenotsoontobeforgotten. Eightyminutes115 Foot Rescue Simplicity at its finest. Feet are soaked nails are cleaned and filed followed by a quick hydration and our signature Vinylux polish. Twenty-fiveminutes45 HAIRCARE HairDrench 50minutes80 CutStyle 65up Oneprocesscolor 110up Partialhighlight 140up Fullhighlight 170up 3DHairColor 190up Washblowdry 45up Washblowdrystyle 95up Menscut 35up Kidscut 40up WAXING LipWax 17 EyeBrow 17 ChinWax 17 FullFace 50up Underarm 30up Arm 45up BackChest 65up Partialleg 50up Fullleg 75up Bikini 55up Brazilian 90up PACKAGES Sanderling Experience Indulge in a complete day of pampering and rejuvenation with our signature body treatment to exfoliate and hydrate your bodys skin. Relax in the soothing energy of a fifty minute relaxation massage. Renew in a fifty minute Sanderling customized facial. A comforting fifty minute pedicure expertly treats your feet and finishes off with a satisfyinghandrescueleavingyoureadyforthedaysahead. 440person Soul Mate Sanctuary Spend a day with your soul mate in the luxury of your private sound view sanctuary. Enjoy an aromatherapy salt soak for two surrounded by massaging jets and relaxing bubbles followed by an eighty minute side-by-side massage. Finish this journey with a glass of sparkling champagneandsweettreat. 420couple Add on Deep Tissue Aromatherapy or Hot Stone to enhance your spa experienceforanadditionalcost. Shared Spa Retreat A time to capture memories as a couple with a friend golf partner or as a motherdaughter getaway. Services are performed in one of our suites with dual treatment tables. Share your spa experience indulging in a custom fifty minute massage followed by side-by-side pedicures in our luxurious reclining pedicure thrones that gently massageandfeaturejettedfootsoaktubs. 340couple Spa Sampler Adelightfulwaytoexperienceavarietyoftreatments.OurSunBurst Express Facial fifty minute custom massage and brown sugar scrub will introduce you to the Spa at Sanderling and still allow for beach andfuntimeinyourday. 220person BRIDAL SERVICES Bridal Styling 85 up Bridesmaid Styling 75 up Flower girl Styling 55 up Wash Blow dry 45 Bridal Makeup 75 Bridesmaid Makeup 65 Flower Girl Makeup 55 Eyelashes 45 In Room Bridal Services BridalStyling 125 BridesmaidsStyling 115 Flower Girl Styling 85 Bridal Bridesmaid Makeup 100 FlowerGirlMakeup 55 Eyelashes 45 Grooms Styling 60 All in room bridal services will include an automatic 20 gratuity BRIDAL PACKAGES InSalonSpaOnly Beautiful Bride Bridal Styling Makeup Hand and Foot Rescue -240 Groomed Groom SteamCleanFacialGentlemansManicure GroomsCutStyling-170 Honeymooners Hideaway Enjoy some one-on-one time together with a romantic aromatherapy soak for two and couples massage enhanced with a toast of champagne and sweet delight to celebrate your love. Eightyminutes285