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SIGNATURE TREATMENTS Island Oasis Embrace the island lifestyle with the true meaning of relaxation. Two serviceproviderswillworkintandemperformingtwoofSanderlings beautifully paired services. Beginning your customized facial with a signature cleanse offers you a unique facial experience deeply rejuvenating release of facial tension as your esthetician customizes every step. Your massage therapist provides a perfectly executed reflexology service. A customized Sanderling facial and reflexology massagewillleaveyourejuvenatedfromheadtotoe. Fiftyminutes190 Signature Massage Brown Sugar Scrub Listening carefully to your concerns your service provider will designtheeighty-minutetreatmenttoyourspecificneeds.Essential oils of tangerine mandarin orange and brown sugar will leave your skin smooth and nourished. Eightyminutes160 Sea of Life Facial With products customized to your individual and unique needs our signature facial pampers and renews the natural health and beauty of your skin. Hydrating emulsions combined with a breathtaking sea shelllymphaticfacialmassagewillleaveyouinastateofbliss. Eightyminutes160 Ocean Serenity Ritual Inhale the air off the coast and enjoy total relaxation. Two therapists workintandeminourhydrotherapyroom. Theritualincludesahydro tub massage facial massage and masque scalp treatment signature oceanseasaltglowandmoisturizingbodywrapScotsHosemassage and Vichy rain shower. Enjoy deep relaxation using water one of the fourvitalenergyforces. Eightyminutes320