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MASSAGE Aromatherapy Massage Deeply delight the senses and return balance to the mind body andsoul.Enjoyapersonalizedsensoryjourneyasyouchoosethe best organic and botanically based aromatherapy oils that will addressyourindividualneeds. Fifty minutes 125sEighty minutes 175 Relaxation Massage Swedishmassagetechniquesareincorporatedinthiscustomized massage to deliver relaxation of the mind and body while improving circulation and relieving muscular stress. A brief consultation prior to your treatment will result in the perfect massageforyou. Fiftyminutes110sEighty minutes160 Deep Tissue Massage Designed to relieve pain improve performance and increase mobility this vigorous and refreshing treatment incorporates sports massage techniques such as stretching friction across musclefibersanddeeppressuretosorepoints. Fiftyminutes120sEighty minutes170 Mother-to-be Massage Designed to give mom relief this massage focuses on reducing tension in the back neck and alleviate aches and pains in the lowerlegsandfeet.Lighttomediumpressureisusedduringthis customizedexperience.2nd and3rd trimesteronly Fiftyminutes110sEightyminutes160 Couples Massage Relax in the company of your loved one dear friend or family member in one our serene couples suites where you both will indulgeinalighttomediumpressuremassagefocusingondeep relaxation and calm. Deep tissue and aromatherapy are not includedbutcanbeadded. Fiftyminutes220sEightyminutes320 Lifesaving Touch Borrowing from the art of reflexology that promotes balance and relieves tension this pressure point massage on specific areasofthefeetwillleaveyoucompletelyrelaxed. Fiftyminutes110 s Eightyminutes160 Shore Soother Head-to-toerelaxationisfusedintothisextremityconcentrated experience. Scalp neck and shoulder massage begins the service as your provider works down the arms and hands to the lowerlegscalvesandfeet.Incorporatingtouchesofreflexology surelywillhaveyoufloatingawaytoparadise. Fiftyminutes110 Soothing Sea Stone Massage This wonderfully warm and nurturing massage uses marble and basalt stones. This treatment relaxes both mind and body by balancing the chakras boosting the immune system and improvingcirculation. Eightyminutes175 Warm Bamboo Massage Tranquility is at the core of this massage service. As warm bamboo is used to soften tight muscles the smooth texture and perfectly heated bamboo relaxes your body and mind. This medium pressure massage is a unique and highly effective techniqueinrestoringmobilitytothebody. Fiftyminutes125sEightyminutes175 Sound-side Gazebo Massage The wide tranquil waters of the Currituck Sound are a serene backdrop to your own quest for calm contentment and renewal inaprivateoutdoorsound-sidegazebo. Relaxation- Fiftyminutes115sEightyminutes165 DeepTissue -Fiftyminutes125sEightyminutes185 Aromatherapy-Fiftyminutes130sEightyminutes190 Massage Enhancements Bath Rituals DryBrush20 BrownSugarScrub65 AromatherapySoak1person50 AromatherapySoak2people75