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G E N T L E M E N S C A R E JUST FOR MEN Pine Island Journey Designedespeciallyforthegentlemenpineanddeepwoods aroma boast powerful healing and cleansing properties fortifying the immune system while easing tension and muscle aches. Eightyminutes160 Scotch N Water Soak Indulge in a unique water treatment that embraces sensations of varying water pressures and a Scots Hose massage. This therapeutic soak rehydrates the body and ends with an application of our signature lotion. Fiftyminutes125 Executive Sports Massage Designed for the man on the go this therapeutic deep pressure massage focuses on tight muscles and joints to release tension using arnica and eucalyptus to heal your mind and body. Fiftyminutes125sEightyminutes175 Southern Comfort A true gentlemans experience this treatment provides increased vitality and energy while soothing irritation from shaving and moisturizes the skin for long lasting results. Fiftyminutes110 Captains Sole Repair A gentlemens pedicure beginning with a sea soak followed by an invigorating exfoliation and a specialty mask. Nails are trimmed and cleaned followed by a relaxing massage with hot towels. Fiftyminutes70 Gentlemans Haircut Enjoy a tailored haircut designed to your liking with our professional stylist. 35