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BODY CARE Sanderling Spa Journey RelaxEnergizeBalance Embark on a truly customized spa journey using the power of century old plants like the rare champagne pear and thermal spring delivering your body a mineral-rich experience tailored to your specific concerns. Whether you choose to RELAX marrying essences of lavender and mint ENERGIZE using stimulating lime and mandarin or BALANCE recharging your body with a perfect blend of cashmere wood you are sure to createanexceptionalspaexperience. Fiftyminutejourney 125 Exfoliation-Cocoon-Hydration Eightyminutejourney180 Exfoliation-Cocoon-ShoreSoother-Hydration Bamboo Bliss An island ritual unlike any other using exceptional ingredients andpurescentsdeeplyblendsintotheskinasawarmingginger grass and bamboo scrub exfoliates. A Hinoki mint soak purifies and boosts immunity a cherry blossom wrap softens and a wild lime infused oil tops off a perfectly executed acupressure massageofthefaceandscalp. Eightyminutes180 Sanderling Sea Cocktail This is a vitamin cocktail for your skin. Indulge with an invigorating exfoliation before you luxuriate with a vitamin body cocktail of A C E that leaves your skin nourished and enriched. Fiftyminutes125 Outer Banks Detox Relax and enjoy this full body exfoliation of coffee lemon and sugar before being enveloped in a mineral-rich lava clay infused with centuries of healing properties. This is followed by a rich emulsion application to leave your skin detoxified and conditioned. Fiftyminutes125 Vacation Rescue A cooling sensational way to find relief following too much fun at the beach Skin is gently purified with a blend of algae yuzu fruit and mimosa flowers while a soothing cocoon covers your body and face to reduce redness and irritation while receiving arelaxingscalpmassage.Acoolingapplicationofoursignature lotiondelicatelyhealstheskin. Fiftyminutes125 Sun Kissed Bronzing Get that healthy sun-kissed look without the drying effects of thesun.Youwillbeexfoliatedtoallowforperfectcoveragewith ourstate-of-the-artselftanner. Fiftyminutes120 Healing Waters Soak in purifying seawater and take in the healing properties of the sea. You are then wrapped in a warm sea algae masque and finallymassagedwithpulsatingjetsofwarmwater. Eightyminutes180