“A getaway at Sanderling is a promise of memories, discovery and adventure”

“There is something rare and wonderful in counting on something as simple as promises delivered”

“Cared for under the warmth of an impeccably trained staff, Sanderling is the only full service resort in the Outer Banks”

“Sanderling- charming and romantic, diverse and eclectic, authentic and unpretentious, alive and vibrant. It’s an experience.”

“A one-of-a-kind destination, Sanderling has a magical pull on those who come here.”

“Sanderling- charming and romantic, diverse and eclectic, authentic and unpretentious, alive and vibrant. It’s an experience.”

"A beautiful place for a wedding. A romantic and emotionally, amazing experience. Everything was exceptional."

“Sanderling brings the retreat to the level of art”

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Open Daily Year Round
May, September, October 9am - 7pm
June, July, August 8am - 9pm
November- April 9am - 6pm
Indoor Pool Hours are the same as the Spa hours
Spa at Sanderling is Open to the Public

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Spa Treatments

The Sanderling Spa offers a luxurious variety of spa treatments designed to relax and rejuvenate you during your time in the Outer Banks. Below is a listing of the Signature Treatments, Massages, Body Care, and Skin Restoration options available at our spa.Our spa treatments not only feature the beauty of the Outer Banks as a serene backdrop, but also as part of our services. The Sanderling Spa's Signature Treatments incorporate ingredients from the Outer Banks to create a truly unique and special experience. Browse our services listed below and choose one that is perfect for you.


BABOR - Spa at Sanderling is now offering 6 exclusive new facials and 4 spa enhancements with our fresh leading luxury brand BABOR offering our guests innovative skin care! A luxurious experience is reached with the combination one of a kind technique with the ingredients from natural products and science to create synergistically optimized quality and results. Indulge in a Spa at Sanderling experience today and leave in solitude and harmony that you can radiate tomorrow.  


  • ISLAND OASIS Embrace the island lifestyle with the true meaning of relaxation. Two service providers will work in tandem performing a customized sanderling facial and reflexology massage to leave you rejuvenated from head to toe.                               Fifty minutes $190.00

  • OCEAN SERENITY RITUAL  Inhale the air off the coast and enjoy total relaxation. Two therapists work in tandem in our Hydrotherapy room. Ritual includes a hydro tub massage, facial massage & masque, scalp treatment, sea salt glow & moisturizing body wrap, Scotch hose massage & Vichy rain shower.
    Seventy minutes  $320

  • SIGNATURE MASSAGE & BROWN SUGAR SCRUB  Listening carefully to your concerns, your service provider will design the eighty-minute treatment to your specific needs. Essential oils of tangerine, mandarin, orange and brown sugar leave skin smooth & nourished.
    Eighty minutes  $160

  • SEA OF LIFE FACIAL  Our Signature facial pampers and renews the natural and beauty of our skin, hydrating emulsions combined with a breathtaking sea shell lymphatic facial massage leaves you in a state of bliss.
    Eighty minutes $160


  • AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE Deeply delight the senses and return balance to the skin, heart and body. Enjoy your choice of certified organic and botanically based aromatherapy oils that will address your individual needs.

    Peppermint and Rosemary - to enhance circulation and calm the mind
    Jasmine and Neroli - to uplift the spirit and release the tension
    Eucaluptus and Laural Leaf/Clove - to boost the immune system and heal
    Blood Orange and Pink Grapefruit- to deeply detoxify and stimulate

    Fifty minutes  $125;  Eighty minutes $175

    Swedish massage techniques are incorporated in this customized massage to deliver relaxation of the mind and body while improving circulation and relieving muscular stress.  A brief consultation prior to your treatment will result in the perfect massage for you.

  • Fifty minutes $110; Eighty minutes $160

  • DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE Designed to relieve pain, improve performance and increase mobility, this vigorous and refreshing treatment incorporates sports massage techniques, such as stretching, friction across muscle fibers and deep pressure to sore points.

  • Fifty minutes $120; Eigthy  minutes $170

  • COUPLES MASSAGE Relax in the company of your loved one, dear friend or family member in one of our serene couples suites where you both will indulge in a light to medium pressure massage focusing on deep relaxation and calm. (Deep tissue and aromatherapy are not included but can be added.)

  • Fifty minutes $220; Eighty minutes $320

  • LIFESAVING TOUCH  Borrowing from the art of reflexology that promotes balance and relieves tension, this pressure point massage on specific areas of the feet will leave you completely relaxed.
    Fifty minutes: $110;  Eighy Minutes: $160

  • SOOTHING SEA STONE MASSAGE  This wonderfully warm and nurturing massage uses marble and basalt stones. This treatment relaxes both mind and body by balancing the chakras, boosting the immune system and improving circulation.
    Eighty minutes $175

  • WARM BAMBOO MASSAGE Tranquility is at the core of this massage service. As warm bamboo is used to soften tight muscles, the smooth texture and prefectly heated bamboo relaxes your body and mind. This medium presure massage is a unique and highly effective technique in restoring mobility to the body.

  • Fifty minutes $125; Eighty minutes $175

  • SIGNATURE MASSAGE & BROWN SUGAR SCRUB  Listening carefully to your concerns, your service provider will design the eighty minute treatment to your specific needs. Essential oils of tangerine, mandarine, orange and brown sugar leave skin smooth & nourished.
    Eighty minutes $160

  • SHORE SOOTHER  Head-to-toe relaxation is fused into this extremity concentrated experience. Scalp, neck and shoulder massage begins the service as your provider works down the arms and hands to the lower legs, calves and feet. 
    Fifty minutes $110

SOUND-SIDE GAZEBO SANCTUARY  The wide, tranquil waters of the Currituck Sound are a serene backdrop to your own quest for calm, contentment and renewal in a private outdoor sound-side gazebo.  

Relaxation = Fifty minutes $115; Eighty Minutes $165
Deep Tissue = Fifty minutes $125; Eighty Minutes $185
Aromatherapy = Fifty minutes $130; Eighty minutes $190 

  • MOTHER-TO-BE MASSAGE  Designed to give mom relief, this massage focuses on reducing tension in the back and neck and alleviate aches and pains in the legs and back. Light to medium pressure is used during this customized experience. (2nd and 3rd trimester only)

  • Fifty minutes $110; Eighty minutes $160

Dry Brush $20
Brown Sugar Scrub $65
Aromatherapy Soak (1 person) $50
Aromatherapy Soak (2 people) $75


  • SANDERLING SPA JOURNEY (Relax – Energize – Balance)  Embark on a truly customized spa journey using the power of century old plants like the rare champagne pear and thermal spring delivering your body a mineral-rich experience tailored to your specific concerns. Whether you choose to RELAX marrying essences of lavender and mint, ENERGIZE using stimulating lime and mandarin, or BALANCE recharging your body with a perfect blend of cashmere wood, you are sure to create an exceptional spa experience.

    Fifty minute treatment (Exfoliation-Cocoon-Hydration) $125                                                                                                                   Eighty minute treatment (Exfoliation-Cocoon-Shore Soother-Hydration) $180

    BAMBOO BLISS An island ritual unlike any other; exceptional ingredients and pure scents deeply blend into the skin as a warming ginger grass and bamboo scrub exfoliates, hinoki mint soak purifies and boosts immunity, a cherry blossom wrap softens and wild lime infused oil tops off a perfectly executed acupressure massage of the face and scalp. 

  • Eighty minutes $180.00

  • SANDERLING SEA COCKTAIL  This is a vitamin cocktail for your skin. Indulge with an invigorating exfoliation before you luxuriate with a vitamin body cocktail of A,C & E that leaves your skin nourished & enriched.

  • Fifty minutes $125
  • OUTER BANKS DETOX  Relax & enjoy this full body salt glow before being enveloped in mineral-rich glacial clay infused with centuries of ocean secrets. You'll be cocooned in this rich, beauty emulsion leaving your skin soft and conditioned.
    Fifty minutes $125

  • VACATION RESCUE  A cooling, sensational way to find relief following too much sun exposure. A soothing body mask takes the sting out of over-exposed skin. Using our organic skin care line, your therapist will start the healing process for sun damaged skin. Body wrap also include a soothing scalp massage.
    Fifty minutes  $125

  • SUN KISSED BRONZING  Get that healthy sun-kissed look without the drying effects of the sun. You will be exfoliated to allow for perfect coverage with our state-of-the-art self tanner.
    Fifty minutes  $120

  • HEALING WATERS Soak in purifying seawater and take in the healing properties of the sea.  You're then wrapped in a warm sea algae masque and finally massaged with pulsating jets of warm water.
    Seventy minutes $180


  • SIGNATURE SANDERLING FACIAL This innovative and power-packed facial is customized to your skin’s needs, protecting your cells' DNA with Alpine stem cells, thermal spring water and unique massage techniques designed to stimulate skin regeneration and prevent the signs of aging. The skin is left refreshed, radiant and younger looking.

    Fifty minute $110.00 / Eighty minute $160

    REVITALIZING OXYGEN FACIAL  An effective experience delivers encapsulated oxygen directly to the skin cells to activate tired, dull and environmentally stressed skin. Instantly feel renewed and protected with pure oxygen and moisture rich energy that will leave you with a smooth rosy glow.

    Fifty minutes $135

    FANCY A' LIFT Specially designed to improve skin’s resiliency, this facial uses BABOR HSR’s innovative complexes to visibly firm, tone and lift facial contours. The skin becomes plumper and more firm leaving you a youthful radiance.

    Fifty minutes $120

    REVERSIVE FACIAL Turn back time! This luxury facial retains and extends skin cell lifespan, increasing elasticity, smoothing fine lines and refines the skins surface reclaiming lost radiance and effectively reversing the signs of aging.

    Eighty minutes $170

    SURGE OF RADIANCE FACIAL Return to nature with this facial to find youthful radiant skin. Featured in American Spa magazine this vegan facial offers infused artic berries to power surge the skin with antioxidants helping increase blood and lymphatic circulation, deliver a surge of deep hydration, to leave skin healthy, balanced and rejuvenated.

    Fifty minutes $120

    PURELY YOU FACIAL A radiant complexion, refined pores and perfectly balanced skin are the results of this service. Natural ingredients will remove excess oil without drying the skin and will result in an even, calm, clear complexion. Great for teens, or combination skin.

    Fiftyminutes $110

    ORGANIC FACIAL This customized organic facial consists of mineral rich thermal waters and organically grown fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers allow your skin to be treated with what it needs from nature at its purest form.

    Fifty minutes $120

    BACK BALM A deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and masque designed for an often neglected area. Leaves you skin feeling glowing and hydrates.

    Fifty minutes $110

    SUNBURST FLUID FACIAL Give your skin a quick boost with vitamins customized to you. Enjoy a customized cleansing, mask, fluid and moisturizer applied leaving you refreshed and ready to go.

    Twenty five minutes $65.00


  • Extractions $25
  • Sensational Eye Kur $20
  • Fluid Kur $15
  • Collagen Booster Kur $25
  • AHA Peels $25


PINE ISLAND JOURNEY Designed especially for the gentlmen, pine and deep woods aroma boast powerful healing and cleansing properties fortifying the immune system while easing tension and muscle aches.

Eighty minutes $160

SCOTCH N' WATER SOAK Indulge in a unique water treatment that embraces sensations of varying water pressures and a Scots Hose massage. This therapeutic soak rehydrates the body and ends with an application of our signature lotion.

Fifty minutes $125 

SOUTHERN COMFORT  A true gentleman’s experience, this treatment provides increased vitality and energy while soothing irritation from shaving and moisturizing the skin for long lasting results.

Fifty minutes $110

EXECUTIVE SPORTS MASSAGE Designed for the man on the go, this therapeutic deep pressure massage focuses on tight muscles and joints to release tension using arnica and eucalyptus to heal your mind and body.

Fifty minutes $125; Eighty minutes $175 

CAPTAIN'S SOLE REPAIR A gentleman's pedicure beginning with a sea soak followed by an invigorating exfoliation and a specialty mask. Nails are trimmed and cleaned followed by a relaxing massage with hot towels.

Fifty minutes $70

GENTLEMAN'S HAIRCUT Enjoy a tailored haircut designed to your liking with our professional stylist.   $35