Sanderling Gift Shop

Take a piece of Sanderling Resort home with you. We offer a variety of unique keepsakes from local artists, gifts and souvenirs for sale.

  • Red Flower

    VariousRed Flower Products

  • Babor Products

    VariousBabor Products

  • Sanderling Candle

    $24.95Sanderling Candle

  • Sanderling Seabag

    $200.00Exclusive Sanderling Seabag

  • Sanderling Keychains

    Wooden-$7.50/Cooper-$22Sanderling Keychains

  • Sanderling Pendant

    $90.00-large (pictured); $70-smallSanderling Pendant

  • Necklaces

    VariesAll Washed Up

  • Sanderling Towel

    $25.00Sanderling Towel

  • Sanderling Mug

    $24.99Sanderling Mug

  • Sanderling Wine Glass

    $15.00Stemless Wine Glasses

  • Sanderling Tumbler

    $24.99Tervis Tumbler

  • Champagne Flute


  • Beer Glass

    $5.50No5 Beer Glass

  • Sanderling Hats

    $19.95Sanderling Hats

  • Full Zip Hoodies

    $36.00Zipped Hoodie

  • jersey bag

    $36.00Jersey Bag

  • Sanderling belt

    $85.00Sanderling Belt

  • Sanderling jacket

    $80.00Sanderling Jacket

  • Outer Banks Book

    $39.95Discover Outer Banks

  • Outer Banks Book

    $39.95Outer Banks Edge

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Photography Provided with Appreciation by Brooke Mayo Photography and Greg Ceo.