The Spa at Sanderling offers a luxurious variety of spa treatments designed to relax and rejuvenate you during your time in the Outer Banks. Our spa treatments not only feature the beauty of the Outer Banks as a serene backdrop, but also as part of our services. The Spa at Sanderling's Signature Treatments incorporate ingredients from the Outer Banks to create a truly unique and special experience. 

Please note: Some treatments may not be available at this time


Harvest Body Glow Treatment

[80 min] $250

Autumn Spice Pedicure

[50 min]  $80

Pumpkin Honey Facial

[50 min] $175
[80 min] $225

[ 50 Min ] May-Oct: $270  |  Nov-April: $260
Two service providers will work in tandem performing two of Sanderling’s beautifully paired services. Beginning your customized facial with a signature cleanse offers you a unique facial experience, deeply rejuvenating release of facial tension as your esthetician customizes every step. Your massage therapist provides a perfectly executed reflexology service. A customized Sanderling facial and reflexology massage will leave you rejuvenated from head to toe.

[ 50 Min ] May-Oct: $180  |  Nov-April: $160
Relax into your perfect vacation mindset as we help you unwind with our custom curated Salt Scrub blended with hand-harvested Hatteras Sea Salt, Jojoba oil and Honey. Following your scrub, you will be cocooned in an ultra-hydrating and detoxifying seaweed wrap. For a finishing touch, you will be pulled away with a gentle application of body oil containing berry extracts and marine algae designed to firm, plump, and protect your skin.

[ 110 Min ] May-Oct: $335  |  Nov-April: $325
Harness the power of innovative, highly effective ingredients from the depths of the ocean. This lavish treatment lends skin an incomparably smooth, firm and youthful appearance as the highly concentrated serum is applied with a tiger conch shell, followed by a luxurious cream that is massaged into the skin with heated obsidian stones and cool coral stones. Intensive-action facial massage leaves the skin looking radiant and youthful.

[ 80 Min ] May-Oct: $420  |  Nov-April: $400
Inhale the air off the coast and enjoy total relaxation. Two therapists work in tandem in our hydrotherapy room. The ritual includes a hydro tub massage, facial massage and masque, scalp treatment, signature ocean sea salt glow and moisturizing body wrap, Scots Hose massage, and Vichy rain shower. Enjoy deep relaxation using water, one of the four vital energy forces.


[ 50 Min ] May-Oct: $150  |  Nov-April: $135
[ 80 Min ] May-Oct: $200  |  Nov-April: $185
This service is the basis for all of our massage treatments. Designed to deliver relaxation to the body and the mind, this massage uses consistent firm pressure to improve circulation, decrease blood pressure and relieve muscular tension.

[ 80 Min ] May-Oct: $200  |  Nov-April: $185
Why choose between a massage service and a body treatment when you can experience both in one ultimate service? This customized  50- minute massage is enhanced by a 30-minute brown sugar scrub with aromas of brandy and citrus to aid your intoxicating journey to bliss.

[ 50 Min ] May-Oct: $150  |  Nov-April: $135
[ 80 Min ] May-Oct: $200  |  Nov-April: $185
Designed to give Mom relief from the weight of pregnancy, this massage focuses on reducing tension in the lower back, neck and hips while improving circulation for the whole body. Light to medium pressure is used during this customized experience. This service is appropriate for 2nd and 3rd-trimester pregnancy only.

[ 80 Min ] May-Oct: $250  |  Nov-April: $230
This wonderfully warm and nurturing massage uses marble and basalt stones. This treatment relaxes both mind and body by balancing the chakras, boosting the immune system and improving circulation.

[ 50 Min ] May-Oct: $165  |  Nov-April: $145
[ 80 Min ] May-Oct: $240  |  Nov-April: $220
Tranquility is at the core of this massage service. As warm bamboo is used to soften tight muscles, the smooth texture and perfectly heated bamboo relax your body and mind. This medium pressure massage is a unique and highly effective technique in restoring mobility to the body.

[ 50 Min ] May-Oct: $300  |  Nov-April: $270
[ 80 Min ] May-Oct: $400  |  Nov-April: $370
Relax in the company of your loved one, a dear friend or family member in one of our serene couple's suites where you both will indulge in a light to medium pressure massage focusing on deep relaxation and calm.

Massage Enhancements & Bath Rituals

Aromatherapy Essential Oils
Enhance any massage service with essential oils. Choose one of three blends: relax, renew, or revive.

Deep Tissue
This addition allows for specific, targeted treatment to areas of concern using strong pressure.

Dry Brushing
15 minutes $20
Full body exfoliation with a soft bristle brush designed to stimulate lymph flow, improve circulation and soften skin.

Brown Sugar Scrub
25 minutes $60
House blended brown sugar scrub with notes of brandy & citrus.

Aromatherapy Soak
25 minutes - $80 for a single soak 
25 minutes - $115 for couples soak

Enjoy an aromatherapy salt soak in our jetted tub.

(Relax – Energize – Balance)
[ 50 Min ] May-Oct: $170  |  Nov-April: $150
[ 80 Min ] May-Oct: $220  |  Nov-April: $200
Embark on a truly customized spa journey using the power of century-old plants like the rare champagne pear and thermal spring waters delivering your body a mineral-rich experience tailored to your specific concerns. Whether you choose to RELAX marrying essences of lavender and mint, ENERGIZE using stimulating lime and mandarin or BALANCE recharging your body with a perfect blend of cashmere wood, you are sure to create an extraordinary spa experience.
(Exfoliation-Cocoon-Shore Soother-Hydration)

[ 80 Min ] May-Oct: $225  |  Nov-April: $220
An island ritual unlike any other using exceptional ingredients and pure tropical scents. Your service will begin with a skin-renewing bamboo scrub followed by a purifying aromatherapy soak designed to de-stress the body and restore the soul. This journey is completed with a soothing and hydrating full-body wrap and perfectly executed acupressure massage for face and scalp.

[ 50 Min ] May-Oct: $165  |  Nov-April: $150
This is a vitamin cocktail for your skin. Indulge with an invigorating exfoliation before you luxuriate with a vitamin body cocktail of A, C & E that leaves your skin nourished and enriched.

[ 80 Min ] May-Oct: $225  |  Nov-April: $200
Unwind and enjoy this full-body coffee and sugar exfoliation designed to refresh tired skin and promote lymphatic flow. The application of our mineral-rich Rhassoul clay wrap will detoxify and restore the body while our lime-infused scalp massage will leave you in a state of bliss.

[ 50 Min ] May-Oct: $140  |  Nov-April: $120
This body treatment is designed to let you enjoy the health-stimulating benefits of a full-body dry brush while experiencing the deep relaxation of a light touch lymphatic massage for the feet as well as the shoulders and scalp.

[ 50 Min ] May-Oct: $130  |  Nov-April: $120
Borrowing from the art of reflexology that promotes balance and relieves tension, this pressure point massage on specific areas of the feet will leave you completely at ease.

[ 50 Min ] May-Oct: $150  |  Nov-April: $120
Our cooling and sensational way to find relief following too much sun while at the beach. Skin is gently soothed with a blend of aloe and healing herbs while a cooling wrap reduces redness and inflammation for the face and body. You will feel the healing powers of our delicately applied finishing oil which is infused with antioxidants to revive your sun-parched skin.

[ 50 Min ] May-Oct: $160  |  Nov-April: $145
[ 80 Min ] May-Oct: $210  |  Nov-April: $195
This power-packed facial is customized to your skin's needs. Designed with all plant ingredients and free of common irritants, your skin will thank you for taking the time to reset with this lovely service.  Comprising of a  dual cleanse, exfoliation, mask treatment, massage, and hydrations, this service is a must for anyone looking to enhance skin tone and hydration.

[ 50 Min ] May-Oct: $170  |  Nov-April: $160
An effective experience delivers encapsulated oxygen directly to the skin cells to activate tired, dull, and environmentally stressed skin. Instantly feel renewed and protected with pure oxygen and moisture-rich energy that leaves you with a smooth rosy glow.

[ 50 Min ] May-Oct: $175  |  Nov-April: $165
Specially designed to improve skin resiliency, this facial uses concentrated fluids and innovative complexes to visibly firm, tone, and lift facial contours. This facial is a wonderful choice for mature skin and for those looking to tone and plump.

[ 80 Min ] May-Oct: $220  |  Nov-April: $200
Turn back time! This luxurious facial retains and extends skin cell lifespan, increasing elasticity and smoothing fine lines. It refines the skin’s surface by reclaiming dull skin and effectively reversing the signs of aging.

[ 50 Min ] May-Oct: $160  |  Nov-April: $145
This lovely customized service is designed for individuals experiencing changes in skin complexion. Formulated to re-balance the skin’s PH and remove excess oil, these plant-based ingredients will restore a clearer complexion without compromising the skin’s need for hydration.

[ 50 Min ] May-Oct: $130  |  Nov-April: $120
A deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, and masque designed for an often neglected area. Leaves your skin feeling glowing and hydrated.

Skin Enhancements

Extractions - 15 minutes $25
Sensational Eye Mask $20
Collagen Booster $25
Aha Peels - 15 minutes $30


Lip Wax $18
Chin Wax $18
Eye Brow Wax $25
Full Face Wax $55
Underarm Wax $35
Arm Wax $50
Back & Chest $75
Partial Leg wax $50
Full Leg Wax $80
Bikini Wax $55
Brazilian Wax $95
Extra 15 minutes $10

[ 80 Min ] May-Oct: $200  |  Nov-April: $185
Designed especially for the gentlemen. Pine and deep wood aromas boast powerful healing and cleansing properties that fortify the immune system while easing tension and muscle aches.

[ 50 Min ] $170
Indulge in a unique water treatment that embraces sensations of varying water pressures and a Scots Hose massage. This therapeutic soak rehydrates the body and ends with an application of our signature lotion.

[ 50 Min ] May-Oct: $160  |  Nov-April: $145
[ 80 Min ] May-Oct: $210  |  Nov-April: $195
Designed for the man on the go, this therapeutic deep pressure massage focuses on tight muscles and joints to release tension using arnica and eucalyptus to heal your mind and body.

[ 50 Min ] May-Oct: $160  |  Nov-April: $145
A true gentleman’s experience, this treatment provides increased vitality and energy while soothing irritation from shaving and moisturizes the skin for long-lasting results.

[ 50 Min ] $70
A gentlemen’s pedicure beginning with a sea soak followed by an invigorating exfoliation and a specialty mask. Nails are trimmed and cleaned followed by a relaxing massage with hot towels.

Enjoy a tailored haircut designed to your liking with our professional stylist.


Spa Packages  Salon Services


How are you keeping your staff and guests safe?
We are booking an additional 20 minutes between guest appointments to properly allow time to apply disinfectant & sanitize our treatment rooms. (Associates will be using disinfectant approved by the EPA List N: Disinfectants for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that caused COVID-19). All spa employees will be wearing facial coverings. Temperature checks will be performed on employees and guests. Social distancing will be enforced in all common spaces and salon. Increased cleaning protocols for touchpoints throughout our spa/salon.

Is your steam room and indoor pool open?
We are inviting spa guests to enjoy the indoor pool. However, our steam rooms will be closed during our reopening.

Can I get lunch catered from the Lifesaving Station Restaurant?
Unfortunately, we did suspend meals/beverage offerings during these times.

Do I have to wear a face covering?
By Dare County Executive Order, facial coverings are required while a guest of the spa.

What should I expect before my appointment?
Our spa team will be connecting with you prior to your appointment time to share an electronic intake form and COVID-19 self-assessment. These will be sent by means of DocuSign and are required before any services could be performed.

What will happen when I arrive at the spa?
We will ask you to call us once you have arrived at the spa. A temperature check will be mandatory for all guests and will be performed at the front entrance of the spa. Any persons with a temperature above 100.4 will be required to reschedule.

Are walk-ins an option?
Our spa will not have the ability to accept walk-in appointments. All appointments will need to be booked by calling (252) 261-7744.

Can I bring a guest?
Due to state regulations on limited capacity guests will not be permitted to join you during your spa/salon services.

What services are not available during your reopening?
We have temporarily suspended couple services (massage/body treatments) and facial appointments.


BOOK ONLINE  (252) 261-7744